iPhone Hack - The Logo of Apple is Just a Button on the Backside

iPhone Hack-The Logo of Apple is Just a Button on the Backside

Are you aware of every detail regarding your iPhone? If not then you might not know about an extremely cool feature. Many people have discovered a tool hidden from the public which is the logo of Apple on the phone’s back thanks to the good nerds of TikTok. Yes, it’s a button/sensor/tool.

It is sensible enough that this spot should be sensitive to touch as products from Apple are now more based on touch and glassier than before. But it surprisingly did not come to our notice before but literally, we speak on our phone throughout the day! Remember to tap twice. If someone having an aversion to tech is in trouble to make the hack function then this might be the actual reason.

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This particular Brit Brown ‘tok was posted last October, showing users the way of programming their Apple device for locking the screen, opening specific apps, or taking screenshots. It seems that Brown uses iPhone 11 to demonstrate her tutorial so you can be sure as regards the functioning of this feature if you own that version or a higher one of iPhone. When Apple released iPhone 7, we found 9 hidden features inside that device. So hope this time you learn new things from this token from Brit Brown. In case the newest iOS is with you then personalizing the home screen is an easy job for you.   

But unfortunately, this TikTok video cannot solve the most blatant problem cropping up with a feature added to the logo of Apple- the majority of the people use a case for keeping their phones. As a result, this case covers up the logo usually. Therefore if it would have been possible for the company to manufacture a product that did not break into pieces if dropped then that could have been truly a user-friendly feature for us.   

Instruction How iPhone Apple logo can be used as a secret or hidden button?

Instructions to use Back Tap on iPhone

  1. To turn on the component ensures you’ve refreshed to iOS 14.

2. At that point go to your Settings.

3. Look down and tap “Availability” and afterward click “Contact”

4. At that point look down to “Back Tap”.

5. You’ll have the decision to turn on “Double Tap” or “Triple Tap”

6. Whichever you select gives you similar choices.

7. Snap to see which highlights you would now be able to control with either a double or triple tap on the Apple logo on the rear of your telephone.

8. They incorporate taking screen captures, cranking the volume up or down, amplifying, looking over and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

9. For instance, on the off chance that you needed to utilize a Double Tap to take screen captures, click the “Double Tap” alternative and afterward tick “Screen capture”.

10. Presently you ought to have the option to take a screen capture just by tapping the Apple logo on the rear of your telephone twice.

Remember that this component probably won’t work on the off chance that you have a thick telephone case.

You can switch the highlights Back Tap controls or turn it off whenever by utilizing similar strides above.

Step by step instructions on how to setup iOS 14 on your iPhone

  1. To get it, Go to –> Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone.

2. This will show you any accessible programming refreshes, including iOS 14.

3. Try not to stress if the update isn’t there yet, it’s actually turning out and might not have arrived at certain locales presently.

4. On the off chance that the update is accessible, you’ll need to download and introduce it, which could take some time contingent upon your iPhone model.

Your iPhone will naturally reboot and, the iOS 14 setup has completed.

Make sure to peruse and follow our guide on the best way to back up your iPhone prior to introducing the update.

This will guarantee you don’t lose any information on the off chance that anything turns out badly.