Is it truth that under screen Touch ID is coming to iPhone? Check it out

Touch ID

There have long been rumors that Apple is working on display fingerprint scanning technology that will bring Touch ID back to the iPhone. The recent announcement of the newly updated iPod Air4 with Touch ID on the power button suggests that Apple could go the same way with the iPhone. However, that is not what Leaker is saying.

Or, at the very least, I think that’s what they say. Check out the tweet from the anonymous Twitter leaker @Lovetodream to see what you think.

The account is famous for its Nigo messages, which is no different. However, Mesa is the code name for Apple’s Touch ID, and “uts” is “under the screen”, the rest is very clear.

@Lovetodream has a very strong track record with previous leaks, but as always, it is important to remember that plans change. Especially within Apple and especially in 2020.

It does not say when or what models are available, but with the iPhone 13, we will have to wait a while throughout the year. I would love to see Touch ID return in 2020, but for now, I will be using magnets and new chargers.

The reason why people get Touch ID back is very clear. Face ID is a great solution for any other year, but since 2020 is a never-ending nightmare, we all always wear masks and for obvious reasons, Face ID does not work. Touch ID works well. As long as you are using an old iPhone or iPhone SE.

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