Selene Delgado Lopez

The Facebook account of a woman named ‘Selene Delgado Lopez’ is now the center of attention. This woman is on the ‘friend list’ of many Facebook users around the world

#Mexico: Non-fake accounts and fake news spread on various social media including Facebook. They are also quite easy to identify But lately, Facebook users, IT experts, and even Facebook experts are tearing their hair out with a mysterious Facebook account.

The Facebook account of a woman named ‘Selene Delgado Lopez’ is now the center of attention. This woman is on the ‘friend list’ of almost all Facebook users around the world Many such reports have been submitted on Facebook The funny thing is, no one can remove this woman from the friend’s list even if they want to!

But who is Delgado Lopez in this Selena?

It is learned that since the beginning of last week, Facebook users around the world have noticed something unusual in their accounts. The profile of this woman named Selene Delgado Lopez has been entered in almost everyone’s friend list! A woman with a short haircut and an orange sweater have a smiling face on her profile DP. According to his profile, he is a resident of Leon, Guanajuato, Central Mexico. Apart from this, nothing special was known about Lopez But Lopez 7 has entered the friend list of many people on Facebook who are not acquainted with him Usually if you want to remove someone from the friend’s list, there is an unfriend option on Facebook But in the case of Lopez, the option to unfriend can not be found on Facebook! Since then, Lopez has been the subject of intense speculation on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter about this mysterious ‘friend’!

Selene Delgado Lopez is also your Facebook friend? A report in Forbes claims that Lopez’s account is fake. That is why there is no option to unfriend him After starting to practice with this woman, many people look in their profiles to see if Lopez is also on their friend list. Selene Delgado Lopez is a profile, but it does not have the Add Friend option! However, it is not that it is a page 6 Even if it is a normal Facebook account, there is a Send Message option instead of Add Friend.

However, it is unlikely that this mysterious woman is on the list of friends of every Facebook user Because according to the rules, an account user can put five thousand people in the friend list, As a result, it is unlikely that Lopez is on the friend’s list of billions of Facebook users around the world Some Facebook users may want to edit their profile and restrict the ad friend option to friends who are already on their friend’s list. A person who does not have a common friend with a Facebook user will only get the Send Message option when they add him to the friend’s list. If you send him a message expressing his desire to be a friend, he will send a friend request instead

But where does the name Selene Delgado Lopez originate from? More fake profiles with the same name have been created on Facebook since the practice of profiling with this mysterious name began. But the chronology behind the first profile that was created has also been traced There is a popular story about a woman of the same name in Mexico It is heard that he went missing about thirty years ago Recently, a TV channel in Mexico showed the woman and her picture again in the list of missing persons during an ad break. But the day before, as part of the channel’s publicity strategy, some scary videos were posted on social media at 3 pm. The name and picture of this woman were also shown in it Later it was also removed However, as a result, the Mexican channel is trending on multiple social media Since then, a mysterious profile named Selene Delgado Lopez has appeared on Facebook.

For now, this Facebook account in the name of Lopez is not harmful But the way it is going viral, the fear that some people may fall into the trap of cheating on Facebook in a few days by using this profile is not going to be blown away!