Have you forgotten your Instagram password? Learn How to change Instagram password in some easy steps 2021

how to change instagram password

Have you forgotten your Instagram password? Learn How to change Instagram password in some easy steps 2021

Password – One of the most important elements of security of your account on Instagram. If it’s not complicated enough, it’s best to spend a few minutes installing a new minute key. Learn here How to change Instagram password on your desktop and mobile app also.

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Change password on Instagram

You can change the password through the web version on Instagram, that is, through any browser or with the help of the official mobile app.

Please note that all of the methods below consider the process of changing the password for status only when accessing your page. If you can’t log in to your account, go through the recovery process first.

How to change Instagram password from your Desktop / Pc or Laptop

Method 1: Web version

The Instagram service site has very little functionality in the official app, but some manipulations can still be performed, including security key changes.

  1. Go to the Instagram site

Open Instagram Site

2. Open the Instagram service website in any browser. On the main page, click the button. “Login”.

Go to log in option and sign in

3. Log in to the app, specifying your username, phone number or email address, and account password.

Log in on instagram ac

4. You need to go to your profile. To do this, in the upper right corner, click on this icon.

Click on the Profile icon

5. Select a button to the right of the username. “Edit profile”.

click on edit profile

6. In the left pane, open the tab. “Change Password”. On the right, you need to specify the old security key, and the bottom line is twice as new. Click the button to apply the changes. “Change Password”.

Click change password option

How to change Instagram password from your Instagram Mobile App

Method 2: Application

Instagram is a cross-platform app, but the principle of changing the password, which is completely the same for iOS, for Android.

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  1. Run the application. At the bottom of the window, open the Extreme tab to the right of your profile, and then tap on the Settings icon in the upper right corner (for Android, the three-dot icon).

Go to the Setting of Instagram App

2. In the “Account” block you need to select the item “Change Password”.

Click on "Account" tab for change Password

3. Then everything is the same: enter the old password, and then double the new one. To affect the changes, select the “Done” button in the upper right corner.

Now change your Instagram password

However, if you use a strong password, at least sometimes you need to change it to a new one. Performing this simple process periodically, you will strengthen your account from hacking attempts.

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