Let’s Learn That How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

Let’s Learn That How to See Liked Posts on Instagram


Most popular social media networks allow easily for users to find posts they’ve liked. Instagram doesn’t. When you are using Instagram, when you tap that selected button on any post, such as a photo or video, it will be lost forever. There is a hidden place to record the previously liked photos and videos of your Instagram profile. If you get the URL of a particular post and paste it somewhere else, it will be kept by the app itself.


The importance of – how to see what you liked on Instagram?


More benefits are knowing the previously liked photos on Instagram.


Here I have mentioned some of those reasons:

  • You will be able to know liked posts on Instagram and then follow those account
  • When you need to put a comment on a particular post.
  • You feel you can increase more value from the post
  • Go through again to check the new comments of a specific post
  • To read again the post caption


Issues when checking liked posts on Instagram?


As we all know, there are some specific limitations to Instagram. Therefore the similar steps will be followed when you are going to check liked photos. The main issue is that up to 300 liked posts or videos, you will be able to recheck. So, if you like a lot of posts per day, it would be a loss for you.


The most important thing is that you will never get the post or check it if you haven’t pressed the like button. Only commenting will not be effective. Apart from that, the app paves the way you get back the posts you hearted immediately, and anyone will not get that notification message.


All Steps are as follows: – How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

To check your recently liked posts on Instagram, simply you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, you should log in to your Instagram account

log in to your Instagram account

2. As a second step, just click the profile icon from the menu.

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3. After that, press the hamburger menu button

press the hamburger menu button

4. Go for the Settings.

go for settings on instagram account

5. Mark account from the list.

Mark account from the list on instagram How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

The advantages of getting previously liked photos

This chance of knowing previously liked photos are essential for different kind of purposes. Most importantly, go back to view what you’ve already liked, so you will get to know about new accounts which are very important for you. Not only that but also you can follow those people too. Apart from that, you can read more comments which have been added later on the particular post.  

If you need to read a post’s most attractive and long caption or tags that you didn’t have time to read when you liked it probably this method will be beneficial. There is also an advantage as putting a review/an idea of your own on a post that you wanted, but you didn’t have enough time when you see it.

When we consider the rules and regulations of Instagram, only you would be able to check again the 300 most near posts (photos and videos) that you’ve liked. If you are heavily used to the Instagram app, you may like plenty of posts and videos per hour. So it isn’t easy to record all those details one by one.

Make sure to revisit very beneficial and informative facts that you need to check out in detail later such as an item, a service, a recipe, a contest, a workout routine, a makeup tutorial or other else.

Sometimes you can engage with new people through Instagram later. It makes the opportunities to promote your businesses and various other purposes.

Limits of previewing liked photos on Instagram 

If you may have seen them through the Instagram mobile app or on the web. Your liked posts are only shown to you. Other people can’t see it one by one. But if you saw the particular post again somewhere; you can check it by reviewing the people who have liked it.

When you think that you have come through a fantastic post on Instagram and instantly liked it.  Due to various reasons, when you try to look at it again and getting the exact amount of value from that post.


Sadly, sometimes you can forget to save it to check it later on. Now your only able to check it again is to find it among your Instagram liked posts. All the facts I mentioned earlier will help you to do it.


Following those steps, you would be able to check that how to check liked posts on Instagram to give access to thousands of posts you’ve liked while going through the news feed.


This app has designated a value for the posts users have liked. So, you can instantly go to that section and view liked posts on Instagram within few seconds.


Therefore now you no need to worry about checking liked posts on Instagram or have some problems finding the ‘Posts you’ve liked’ section on Instagram; just follow the above steps and check out how to view liked posts on Instagram.


You may eventually reach a point where you feel the need to know how to find liked posts on Instagram if you’re an addict on Instagram or a regular user. Regardless of your normal daily time spent on Instagram, it must have bumped your mind to check them again for various reasons. Now you can understand that,  unlike more problems people may face in checking the Instagram liked posts, it’s simply easy to see liked posts on Instagram.


In conclusion, seeing back through and identifying your liked posts could be a walk down memory lane. Here I have given a clear explanation about how to view liked posts on Instagram. So use the Instagram app in an easy manner and check previously liked photos without getting any issues. You can engage with new people, chat with them and start new relationships too.

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