Mysterious ways How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Android

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Android
Your photos are invaluable. They hold memories, special moments, some great selfies, and sometimes your amazing photography skills. Needless to say, you want to keep your photos on multiple devices, and the purpose of sharing is one of the many reasons. Here we will learn how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android.
Our smartphones are being continuously equipped with better and better cameras. They take high-quality photos and videos and occupy a large amount of space as opposed to other kinds of data. This is one of the reasons why phones are being made available with increasing storage space with every new model. If you want to know how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android, you should learn the tricks to do it.
In spite of the various advancements in technology, the process of transferring data between two different operating systems is not quite straightforward. It is especially complicated if the two devices belong to different operating systems. So let us look at the various methods of how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android.

Copy/Drag and drop

The simplest way to transfer photos from iPhone to Android is to copy them from the former and paste them into the latter using a computer. This method works with a Windows PC.
You need to plug both the iPhone and the Android devices to the computer using USB cables. Ensure the device drivers are installed so both devices are detected by the computer. And then, follow the steps below:
  1. Open My Computer or This PC, depending upon the Windows version you are using.
  2. Under Portable Devices, both the iPhone and the Android device will appear. If they don’t, you need to install the respective device drivers.
  3. Open the storage of the iPhone and the Android device in two separate windows.
  4. In the iPhone window, find the folder called “DCIM.” Open the photos folder of your Android too.
  5. Copy the photos from the DCIM folder and paste them into the photos folder of your Android. Alternatively, select the photos you want to transfer, drag, and drop them into the Android photos folder.
If you have a large number of photos to transfer, you might experience some lagging while copying. Your system could also hang if the amount of data being copied is too large. Let us look at some other methods.


This method is similar to the copying/dragging and dropping, but here you do not have to go into the folder and select the photos. You can directly copy all the photos into your Android at one go. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Plug your iPhone to the computer.
  2. Open My Computer/This PC, and go to the device folder under Portable Devices. Right-click on the name of your iPhone.
  3. Select “Import pictures and videos” from the dropdown menu.
  4. The photos will be automatically selected by your computer and you will be prompted once done. Click on “Import.”
  5. Once the import is completed, the photos will appear in the My Photos folder of your computer.
  6. Plug your Android to the computer.
  7. Open the device storage window and go to the photos folder named “DCIM.”
  8. Copy and paste the imported images from My Photos into this folder. Alternatively, drag and drop them.
Both these manual methods require you to make use of a computer. Let us now look at some methods that do not need the use of a computer.

Use a cloud storage

You can also use a cloud storage application that is accessible by both your iPhone and your Android, e.g. Dropbox. Note that an iOS-based cloud storage system like iCloud will not work:
  1. Install and download the free Dropbox app on both your iPhone and Android.
  2. Open the Dropbox app and log in to your Dropbox account on both devices using the same credentials.
  3. On your iPhone, simply upload the photos that you want to transfer. To do this, open a Dropbox folder and go to Menu > Upload.
  4. The uploaded photos will now also appear inside the Dropbox app of your Android device. Open Dropbox on your Android and check for the uploaded photos.

Use a third-party app

You can always use a third-party app for the purpose of transferring photos from iPhone to Android.
Go to the App Store and find an app like MobiMover or Send Anywhere. Most of these apps are free. Download and install them on your devices. Ensure that the app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Follow the in-app instructions and transfer the photos from iPhone to Android. These apps work similarly to cloud storage services like Dropbox.
These are the various methods of how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android. Photos are an important part of our smartphone utility. Transferring them between devices is more of a necessity today. So if you want to send photos from an iPhone to an Android, you are all set!
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