moon resources

NASA is looking for private companies to capture and explore the resources on the moon.

NASA is looking for private companies around the world to bring rocks and rock formations to the moon. NASA is in the process of creating a new market for space resources.

NASA has stated that the project aims to complete the recovery and transfer of resources on the moon before 2024.

NASA has set a target of landing the first American woman and order on the moon by 2024. And NASA thinks it needs to capture lunar resources.

According to the requirements outlined by NASA, a company can collect a small number of moon gems or rocks from anywhere on the lunar surface. Then transfer its ownership to NASA. After the transfer of ownership, the collected material will become NASA’s sole asset for its use.

NASA charges only 10 percent for lunar rocks, 10 percent for pre-launch, 10 percent for launch, and the remaining 80 percent for successful completion.