New and existing Google Fi customers will get the New Galaxy Z Flip 3.


New and existing Google Fi customers will get the New Galaxy Z Flip 3.

New and existing Google Fi customers will get the new Galaxy Z Flip 3. They can get up to $400 off:

New and existing Google Fi customers can get the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 at a discount of $400, which is a significant discount on its $999 price. Of course, there are a few caveats, and you’ll need to buy the phone and have it first. On a Fi plan for 30 days before you can get the discount in the form of an invoice credit. But if you’re already a Fi subscriber and have your eye on the Flip 3 anyway, this deal makes perfect sense.

If you are already a Google Fi customer with one of their full service plans (data-only plans do not qualify), purchase the phone at and activate it on your plan. You must keep your phone active for 30 days to get the discount, which comes in the form of a bill credit.

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Non-Fi customers must activate the phone on a new full service plan and transfer their existing phone number to Fi; You will not receive a Bill Credit if you choose to get a new number on your new Fi Plan.

Your purchase of a New Flip 3 will also be eligible for a $150 credit to use on the Samsung Website, simply order the phone before August 26 and register it with Samsung. With the Accumulated Discount, you will save $550 on the phone, a great deal for a New Device.

According to Google, the Fi promotion is valid “As Long As The Promotion is Active and Available on the site,” and Samsung Credit is valid until November 9.

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