Nothing new this time except these two features of the iPhone 13 series


Nothing new this time except these two features of the iPhone 13 series

Nothing new this time except these two features of the iPhone 13 series

What’s new in the iPhone 13 series this time? Many people are asking this question. The answer to the question is simple, barring a couple of features, nothing is groundbreaking this time.

iPhone 13 series has been launched. The company has launched a total of four new iPhones. From social media to experts are saying that this time the company has not brought anything new.

Actually, the design is the same, only the placement of the camera is different, the module remains the same. Some such features have also been given, which the company has introduced by exaggerating. But such features have already been given in other smartphones.

Apple has said that this time the company has given Super Retina XDR display in its Pro models. Actually, this is the name of the company’s patent tech. The display will indeed be OLED as found in other flagships.

According to Apple, Pro models have been given Pro Motion which goes from 10Hz to 120Hz. That is, if an app works at a high refresh rate, then this high refresh rate will work, while in normal use cases it can go up to 10Hz.

These features are also being given in Android flagships. This is what some companies call the adaptive refresh rate. That is, even here Apple is a little late. Talking about storage, this time 1TB of storage has been given. You will also get 1TB of storage in other Android smartphones.

OLED panels are already being given in other smartphones. However, there are some features that are in the new iPhone only. For example, the cinematic mode has been given in the camera and Pro Res codec support has been given.

Apart from these, there is nothing in the iPhones of this time that is not found in other smartphones. On the software front, there is nothing groundbreaking this time in iOS 15 as well.

On the lines of Android smartphones, the company had given the widget feature last time, which has been improved this time. However, despite all this, Tim Cook has described the new iPhone as the most powerful smartphone ever.

5G support is available in all models of the new iPhones, but 5G is not available in India at the moment, so it is not of any special use for India at the moment.

This time it was expected that the company will bring Always On Display which is being given in Android smartphones for years. It was also being said that an under-display fingerprint scanner would be given, but both these features have not been given by the company this time too.

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