PhonePe brings auto top-up feature, there is no problem even if the balance is exhausted

PhonePe brings Auto Top-up feature
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PhonePe brings auto top-up feature, there is no problem even if the balance is exhausted

Phone top comes with auto top-up feature

UPI-based payment apps like PhonePe, GPay, BHIM are now an essential part of our daily use. In addition to big shopping malls, now almost all retailers also accept money through UPI. Buyers and other traders can transact money directly from their bank accounts with the help of UPI. He can also recharge his own UPI wallet as required. In that case, a certain amount of money is deducted from the UPI wallet at the time of payment. But it is difficult to recharge the wallet repeatedly in this process, especially for those who exchange money more than once a day. Because when the balance runs out, they need to recharge their wallet repeatedly. With this problem in mind, Phonepe has added the facility of Auto Top-up to their application. This feature will save a lot of users from the hassle of running out of wallet balance and recharging again and again.

PhonePe brings Auto Top-up feature

To use the Auto Top-up feature on the phone, we need to set an e-mandate. In that case, the user’s PhonePe wallet balance will be recharged automatically when it falls below the specified limit. This means that buyers, merchants and other merchants will not have to recharge their wallets repeatedly. So they can make one payment after another without any hassle.

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PhonePe users can enable the Auto Top-up feature for their UPI wallet in the following ways –

1. First you have to go to the homepage of the PhonePe application and click on the ‘Top-up’ icon.

2. The user then has to specify the amount of money for auto top-up. At this time a pop-up signal will appear in front of the enable Auto Top-up option.

3. Now the user will pay the fixed top-up amount (Rs. 1000-5000) and click on the Top-up & Set Auto Top-up option at the bottom of the screen. Then he has to provide his UPI PIN.

4. As soon as the user gets the green signal from the bank, his wallet will be recharged automatically. At the same time, another auto top-up mandate will be created to meet the next requirement.

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