Samsung launches India's wind-free AC, virus and bacteria will not be able to enter

Consumer electronics brand Samsung has launched a new series of wind-free ACs in India. This is a special AC series of the company, which will be able to filter PM 1.0 size viruses and bacteria. The company claims that it is India’s first air conditioner, which can filter superfluous dust particles up to 0.3-micron size. Also equipped with an electrostatic charger eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Price and availability

Samsung has launched three models of the new wind-free AC. These three models are V cassettes, 4 V cassettes and 360 cassettes. All these come with AC GST at a starting price of Rs 90,000. It can be purchased from all retail and online channels.

AC equipped with Wi-Fi capability

With the help of this AC, clean and pure air can flow in other institutions including home, hospital, hotel, mall, restaurant, and retail. Samsung’s new AC is equipped with wi-fi capability with a PM 1.0 filter. The new AC from this series not only provides clean and breathable healthy air, but it also uses Samsung’s specially developed wind-free AC cooling technology that prevents direct cold airflow. Also provides power-saving and comfortable cooling. These new wind-free models use a special search technology and display with state-of-the-art sensors, which provide users with accurate information regarding cooling and air quality.

Three types of AC available

The new AC PM 1.0 comes with sensors and three other types of filters, which are pre-filters, filter out larger size dust particles. This is followed by a deodorization filter, which removes the bad odor. The same PM 1.0 filter is an electrostatic charger for sterilizing superfine dust particles up to 0.3 microns in size. This new series of AC is suitable for residential and office use. It is available in three-panel variants

Samsung’s Innovative Air Purifying Cooling Technology

PM 1.0 Filters The Wind-Free AC Series also has an electrostatic charger with PM 1.0 filters that gives positive energy to superfluous dust particles up to 0.3 microns in size, causing them to attach to the negative plate. It then sterilizes the viruses and bacteria present in them through an electrostatic charger. This PM 1.0 filter can be washed and used again.

Wind-free cooling technology

Samsung’s wind-free cooling technology prevents the direct flow of cold air over your body. Also provides a comfortable cooling experience. Once you set the temperature at your will, wind-free cooling slowly pushes the air out through 15,000 micro holes so that you do not suddenly feel cold. After that, the modern airflow of wind-free cooling cools the room quickly.

Deodorizing filter

The deodorizing filter in Samsung’s new series of wind-free ACs, among other things, soak up the smell of cigarettes, pets, and food items and create a clean environment with freshness.


This new series of Samsung ACs also has the option of installing an ionizer, which produces active hydrogen and oxygen ions, which are capable of reducing organic pollutants and reactive oxygen. This ionizer improves air quality by eliminating viruses and bacteria present in the air.