How to post a video on Instagram

How can you post a video on Instagram?

Recently, 59 Chinese applications were banned in India. Another popular communication app is TickTock. Instagram has just come up with a new feature for writing videos like TickTock. Already, a few Tiktok apps, including Mitron, Chingari, have emerged, but the Instagram Reels are gaining popularity. Millions of subscribers use Instagram in India. And Instagram Reels came forward to take that opportunity.

How to create an Instagram reel?

Instagram reels can be easily made. For this, you need to enable reels on your Instagram account. This feature is not yet available for all customer accounts. A well-known communications company sends this feature to selected customers. All customers will experience this feature step by step.

Follow this easy to create a reel

Step 1. Open Instagram.

Step 2. Select the camera icon at the top left.

Step 3. Below, you will see the Story, Live, and Reel options. Select a reel here.

Step 4. You can now start using the Instagram Reel. You can create maximum of 15seconds of Video.

Step 5. Tap the large white icon below to record the Instagram reel. Recording can be stopped by clicking this button.

Step 6. Various effects can be applied from the left side panel before the start of the recording. The recorded video speeds will be 0.3x to 3x.

Step 7. To add functionality to the video, select the smile button, and swipe the large white icon to the right. Here you will see all the results.

Step 8. Instagram will give a second third time before recording any clip.

Step 9 You can add music to the video by selecting the music icon.