Shopify’s Ajax API to improve customer experience with no extra page-load

Shopify’s Ajax API

Enhancing the customer experience and store speed is among the primary concerns for every platform in the eCommerce industry. The store owners struggle to get appropriate solutions to encounter these issues. A similar situation also persists for the Shopify dropshipping app. The companies or startups using Shopify can benefit from Shopify’s Ajax APIs because they help to improve the experiences of users on their stores or apps.

Shopify’s Ajax API offers an efficient alternative for default functionalities with the ability to increase the speed of your web pages and actions taken by the users while buying the products or services. It is a collection of REST API s endpoints to develop robust Shopify themes for enhanced user experience. Ajax API is widely used by Shopify store owners for stores ranging from small eCommerce shops to large Shopify dropshipping app. 

How Shopify Ajax API helps the Shopify stores and Shopify dropship apps?

We know that Shopify comes with default functionalities and features to support the eCommerce stores and Shopify dropshipping app. Though the features are outstanding, they often fail to qualify the parameters that are required for optimizing the stores and apps for speed. In other words, these default features often fail to deliver the speed your store needs to match the competition.

The best thing about the Ajax API is that it allows the store owners to carry out conversion-oriented actions. It supports adding products to the shopping cart, displaying recommended products, and more without refreshing the page. There are four types of Let’s look at the endpoints that Ajax API includes.

  • Cart – These APIs will help you update the cart items and notes related to them.
  • Product – It helps to fetch the information of products listed on your Shopify dropship app and stores.
  • Product Recommendations – It helps to display the recommended or similar products on the product page to offer more options to users.
  • Predictive Search – These API endpoints help suggest the products, blogs, or collections while the user types his search query.

How to make requests to Ajax APIs?

You can request the data using Ajax APIs by using two types of HTTP requests. If you wish to request the reading of the cart or data of the products, you can use the GET requests. On the other hand, if you want to make requests for the updates in the shopping cart for the current session, you need to use the POST requests. The simplicity of using Shopify’s Ajax API helps overcome many pain points of front-end development.

How do Shopify Ajax APIs help to build the customer experience?

Enhancing the customer experience while shopping for products using your store or Shopify dropship app is the specialty of Ajax APIs. It is the primary reason why Shopify stores are preferring to use them over the default Shopify functionalities. Below are some points that demonstrate how it is beneficial for the users on your platforms.

  • Overcoming the drawbacks of Shopify default with Ajax APIs

The default Shopify functionalities may fail to deliver a good experience to your users due to issues like speed and customization. The default features often fail to address the growing shopping demands of the customers. The Shopify Ajax APIs allow the customers to have a seamless and uninterrupted shopping experience, thus maximizing the chances of conversions.

  • Improving the convenience of users while buying products

The default Shopify will ask the customers to visit the product pages before adding them to the shopping cart. Most of the time, customers wish to buy more products but leaving the shopping cart to find the products may deteriorate their experience. Using Shopify Ajax APIs will help your users to have an uninterrupted experience, thus helping to enhance their experience to a level better than ever before.

  • Help to retain customers with enhanced engagement.

The features like product recommendations help you engage the customers for longer durations. Moreover, the users can add the products to the shopping cart easily without visiting the product pages. It creates a frictionless shopping experience that helps you retain the customers for better business results in the long run.

  • Eliminate the need for annoying page reloads

Reloading the page, again and again, can frustrate the users while adding products to their shopping baskets. Once you start using the Shopify Ajax APIs, users get a flawless experience that can contribute to their loyalty. Eliminating the need for a page reload can benefit your eCommerce store to overcome problems like cart abandonment. It also helps the users complete the shopping with delightful experiences in your store.

  • More control to users for managing the Shopping cart

The default Shopify doesn’t offer much control to the users while managing their Shopping carts. The problem persists for both eCommerce stores and Shopify dropshipping app. The Ajax APIs can provide enhanced controls to the customers with ways to display module activity and shopping cart state changes. You can also use the activity indicators and animations to indicate the progress and updates in the Shopping carts.

  • Prompt the users to add more products to their shopping cart

Ajax APIs offer a great way to tempt users from adding more products to their shopping carts. The ability to display the product recommendations helps the users go through the products that match their needs. They can add them without the hassle of browsing categories on your online store. The pop-ups like recently added products can help users to explore more products thus increasing the sales of the store. You can apply this free marketing strategy to get fruitful results for your eCommerce business.


If you own a Shopify dropship app or an online store, Shopify Ajax APIs help you achieve enhanced engagement capabilities. We have seen many Shopify dropshipping app and stores achieving staggering growth in sales after using the Ajax APIs while turning their platforms into the brands loved by the customers. Though using these API endpoints is easy, we will recommend hiring a Shopify development expert to get the most favorable results for your business.

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