Sixty percent of Instagram users link their account to Facebook Messenger

how Instagram account disconnected from Facebook
Image Credit by “Youtube”

Facebook has stated that the interoperability between Instagram and Messenger is beyond imagination. In a short period of time, more Instagram users than expected have linked their accounts to Messenger.

“We’ve got more users than we’re targeting,” said Stan Chudnovsky, head of Facebook Messenger. “The way users are being upgraded is unbelievable for us.”

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According to him, so far more than 60 percent of Instagram users have linked their accounts to Facebook Messenger. Users will be able to send messages directly to their friends via Instagram.

Facebook had informed about this feature in 2019. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg gave the information at that time. One year later, in September 2020, the feature was made available to users.

The feature, which went public in September, has been used by 90 percent of Instagram users over a nine-month period. Moreover, Facebook has stated that it will also bring end-to-end encryption.

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If so, Facebook believes more users will be added. Facebook is expected to launch end-to-end encryption features in all its messaging apps by the beginning of 2022.

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