The Apple Watch is now eligible for Apple Card funding

Apple Watch on Tuesday added to Apple Card’s interest-free finance program, which allows cardholders to make payments over a 24-month period.

At today’s “Timeflies” event, COO Jeff Williams announced the Apple Card Funding Initiative. Williams is set to expand the company’s new Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch SE models.

“In addition, Apple has announced funding for the Watch to make it easier for consumers to make 24 monthly payments,” Williams said.

The Apple Card enhances the main body of the Apple Watch as a blue banner. Clicking on the co-link opens a pop-up window displaying more information about the installments program and the benefits of signing up for the Apple Card.

According to the notice, in addition to the 0% monthly APR for Apple Watch purchases, cardholders will receive a 3% cashback per day.

Last year, Apple Card sponsored the launch of the iPhone 11, at which time the monthly payment plan was limited to the iPhone, but Apple expanded its eligibility to include Mac, iPod and other products in June. There are Apple Watch and iPod Touch loan outs.