invisible mode in Messenger‌

Facebook recently announced that it will bring an invisible message for WhatsApp. Now the company is releasing a similar feature for Messenger.

In addition to Messenger, Instagram also has a vanish mode. Vanish mode is currently provided in Messenger with updates in selected locations, but it will reach you soon.

Facebook on its official blog said, ‘We are very excited about the release of Venetian Mode Messenger. Under this, you can send yourself such messages as disappearing. As soon as you see the message the message will not appear and exit the chat.

Messenger’s Venetian mode is very easy to use. After updating, you can enter invisible mode by swiping the current messenger chat thread. After swiping again, you will return to normal mode.

In the Spanish mode of Facebook Messenger, not only text but also gifs, stickers, and photos are displayed. WhatsApp has released a similar feature that automatically deletes messages in 7 days.

Facebook says it can only be used on Messenger when the two are connected to each other. You can also decide whether or not to enter Venetian mode with contact. If someone takes a screenshot of the chat in Venetian mode, you will also receive a notification.

This Venetian mode of Facebook was first introduced in Messenger. It will then release it to Instagram.

To use this feature, the application needs to be updated. But for now, Indian juicers are not getting this feature. That is, you will get this feature after a while.

Facebook says it is slowly releasing its update, which has already reached a few more countries, including the US. It will soon be available to Yasser in all countries.