how to block your lost phone
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Digital technology has become so advanced that it is now possible to do everything at home with the help of a smartphone. Nowadays everything from paying electricity bills, to paying taxes to shop- everything is done through mobile payment apps. But have you ever wondered how easily all these payment information can get into the hands of someone else if your mobile phone is stolen? It also damages your privacy. So if the phone is lost or stolen, the phone should be blocked immediately. This will prevent anyone else from using your phone. Even the phone cannot be sold to anyone else, as the blocked phone will not support any network. So let’s see how you can block a stolen mobile phone.

Ways to block mobile phones

After the mobile phone is stolen, first of all, you have to file an FIR with the nearest police station. Mobile phone theft reports can be filed offline as well as online. The complainant must take the FIR copy and complaint number after making the complaint.

Then go to the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) website CEIR has the information of all the mobile phones in the country such as phone model, SIM, and IMEI number. With the help of this, they can find a stolen mobile phone. With that mobile phone can be locked and unlocked.

After clicking on you will get three options. Block / Lost Mobile, Check Request Status, and Un-Block Found Mobile. Then click on the Stolen / Lost Mobile option to block the stolen mobile phone. Then a page will open where you can give information about mobile.

Mobile phone information includes mobile number, IMEI number, device brand, company, phone purchase receipt, phone loss date. Other information that needs to be provided is the state, district, phone loss area, and complaint number. You also need to upload a copy of the complaint to the police.

Then click on Add more complaint where you have to submit the name, address, Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license, and identity card of the mobile owner. In the end, you have to give the mobile number again.

Then an OTP will come to your number. Verification will be completed if OTP is given. After submitting the final, the stolen mobile phone will be blocked. You will also be notified if you know anything about the phone. So if you lose your phone from now on, take these steps and easily protect your privacy.