US bans use of Tiktok and Wechat

US bans use of Tiktok and Wechat

The US Commerce Department on Friday issued an order prohibiting financial transactions of the Chinese app Tiktok and WeChat. On behalf of the US, it has been said that this Chinese-owned app is threatening our national security, which is a complete rejection. Tiktok and WeChat will be banned from the App Store from Sunday following a US order.

WeChat has a large user base in America

After this, American users will not be able to do any financial transactions through WeChat. Explain that WeChat is used to conduct financial transactions on a large scale in the US. US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told an American Business News on Friday that American citizens will not be able to use these apps from next Monday night. According to Ross, China was wrongly collecting personal data of American citizens, to counter which the US has imposed such restrictions.



The Trump administration had issued an executive order

WeChat and Tiktok’s financial restriction order came at a time when Tiktok’s owner, ByteDance, was in talks with Oracle for a partnership. An earlier executive order was issued by the Trump administration, in which Bytedance was directed to sell all of the company’s assets in the US.

Bytedacne has data of 100 million US citizens

Earlier it was said by the government that these apps can be downloaded for messaging and the use of these apps as messaging will not come under the purview of the ban. Also, no penalty will be imposed on the users of these apps. But some security experts had expressed concern that ByteDance, the owner of Chinese short video making app Tiktik, has information on about 100 million American users, which could prove to be dangerous in terms of security.