These amazing features are coming soon in Whatsapp, the style of chatting will change completely

These amazing features are coming soon in Whatsapp, the style of chat

Instant messaging app Whatsapp has been offering great features to improve the experience of its users. These include features such as dark mode and delete the message. Apart from this, Whatsapp is now working on many more features, which can be released for users in the coming days. So let’s know in detail about the special upcoming features of Whatsapp …

Facilities of Rooms can be found on Whatsapp

Facebook introduced the Rooms feature for Messenger, keeping in mind the increasing trend of video calling in the Corona era. At the same time, now the company is going to release this feature soon for WhatsApp users. About 50 Whatsapp and Whatsapp Web users will be able to make video calls at a time through the Rooms feature. At the same time, the company believes that this will greatly benefit the users.

Whatsapp Multi-Device feature

Whatsapp is soon to introduce a new feature for its users, which is named Multi-Device Feature. Through this feature, users will be able to run an account in four different handsets. Though, Wi-Fi has to be used to sync data. Let us tell you that this feature was revealed by Web Beta Info.

Whatsapp emojis

Whatsapp has recently released 138 new emoji on the latest Android beta version. These include emojis of chefs, farmers, and painters. However, the company has not yet launched these emojis for the stable version.

Expiring messages feature

Whatsapp is testing its latest feature Expiring messages. This feature has been marked on WhatsApp Android Beta version With this feature, any user can auto-delete messages sent even after seven days. Let us know that, this feature was marked on the Android beta platform under the name of Delete Message.

Whatsapp video call button

Whatsapp is about to add a separate button on its platform to improve video calling. Through this button, users will be able to easily make video calls in groups. At the moment, information related to the launch of this feature has not been shared by the company.