iPhone 12

Caviar is a tribute to Apple 1 with a custom iPhone 12 that looks like a real handmade computer.

Apple 1. Apple’s first product, not many people remember. Apple is now synonymous with all slender iPhones and all aluminum Max. Designed and crafted by Steve Wozniak, Apple 1 is the highest DIY, and soon Apple Computer Inc. The head office is in Steve Jobs ‘parents’ garage.

Apple I discontinued production on September 30, 1977.

Forty-three years from now, Caviar is paying tribute to Apple’s launch editions of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

For hardcore Apple fans, these limited edition phones come in two options. The first is the Apple I, which is priced at $ 10,000 (approximately $ 7,38,246). GS Marina reports that it has a titanium screen printed with “Hello, World” and some part of the motherboard from the original Apple 1. In general, this is the right piece of computing history right there.

Starting at 5,000 “(69 3,69,123 approx.) The Apple 1 Lite is a” decent “nostalgia piece that features a natural wood back panel and handwritten apple based on the original computer engraving.

As with all limited editions, in particular, Apple 1 devices are very rare. The Apple 1 Lite has 49 units, while the Apple 1 has only nine units. With only 200 Apple 1 computers in production, the limited edition offer is a “fit tribute” as GS Marina puts it. Of course, there are many motherboards that can be used for decoration.