This is How China is building a Space Station in Space

This is How China is Building a Space Station in Space

China has said it will send three astronauts to its space station next month, which will stay there for three months. The announcement comes a day after China landed one of its cargo spacecraft at the space station.

According to the Chinese Space Agency, the cargo spacecraft carrying cargo and equipment flew to the Tianju-2 space station on Saturday. The main module of the station is already connected to Tianhe. The living quarters of the passengers working in the space station have been made in the three modules.

Yang Liwei, director of China’s Department of Human Resources and the country’s first astronaut, spoke about another major Chinese mission. Yang, who made history in China by landing in space on October 15, 2003, said all three astronauts were preparing to travel in June via the Senju-12 spacecraft.

According to a report in China’s official newspaper Global Times, the astronauts will stay at the space center for three months. During that time there was maintenance

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They will also do scientific work.

The report states that the passengers are currently in Levies-2 quarantine and work related to the mission is being finalized. Yang Liwei said there would be no female passengers on the mission. However, they will also be involved in subsequent campaigns.

China’s Space Station

To build its space station, China plans to send 11 spacecraft between 2021 and 2022. In which two campaigns have been completed. Last Saturday, he had sent a Tianju-2 cargo vehicle.

According to the Chinese agency, 11 of the 11 spacecraft will travel to the station module three times, cargo four times, and astronauts four times. China plans to launch 10 similar modules by 2022.

Who will orbit the earth?

In the first phase, on April 29, China sent a key module to the station. The Tianhe module has passenger quarters working in the space center. According to Yang Liwei, the astronauts living in these cabins will go out and do a lot of work.

“In the coming days, it will be a regular thing for astronauts to get out of the cabin, and the duration of such work will increase,” he said.

China hopes to have its new space station ready to orbit the Earth at an altitude of 340 to 450 kilometers by 2022. At present, there is only one space station in Earth’s orbit. Named the International Space Station, it does not include China.

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China is thus becoming a great power in space

China, a major power in space science, launched the Mars mission last year. A Chinese rover is currently collecting information about Mars.

China made a slow start in the field of space science. He first sent his astronaut into orbit in 2003. China is the third country after the Soviet Union and the United States to achieve this.

So far, China has sent two space centers to Tiagang-2 Orbit. Anyway, they were both test stations, which could only stay in the room for a while. But Tianhe will continue to work in Earth orbit for at least 10 years.

The International Space Station will stop operating in 2024. In that case, China’s Tianhe would be the only space station in Earth’s orbit.

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