Three word Password is more Secure – UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center

Three word Password is more Secure

Three word Password is more Secure – UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center

Most of the time when trying to keep a password for an online account we try to make it as complex as possible by using as many words and characters as possible, to keep our account safe from cyber attacks.

This often causes the user to forget their own password. However, experts say that it would be better to use a three-word password system that is more comfortable than using any complex words for a strong password.

A cyber expert at the UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) says it is more useful to use three unnatural words than to create passwords using complex letters, words, symbols or numbers.

Experts say the three-word password system makes it easier to remember passwords and uses unusual words to keep online accounts safe.

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Experts say that the use of unusual words can save online account hackers at a time when software is being developed that can break even when using very complex passwords.

Therefore, replacing complex passwords with three-word passwords will make the passwords longer and the combination of different letters will make it harder for hackers to guess the pattern of the password, the agency said.

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