Tired of Ads? How to Block Ads in Android Smartphone Browser


How to Block Ads in Android Smartphone Browser

Tired of Ads? How to Block Ads in Android Smartphone Browser

Many people are troubled by ads. We also get to see Ads in the Android browser. Ads can be ignored in some places but some ads are quite disturbing. Just like on PC, you can block ads on Android too. For this, some steps are being told to you.

You can use third-party apps to block ads on the browser. One such app is Adblock Plus Browser. Ads are blocked in Adblock Plus Browser.

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Adblock Plus Browser app is also available on Google Play Store. You can search Adblock Plus BrowserBrowser by going to Google Play Store. After the search result, you can download Adblock Plus Browser. For this, you can also visit this link.

Once the app is downloaded, open it on your phone. Enable the Filtering option at the top of it. Without it enabled the ad block will not happen. In most phones, this app automatically makes all the settings. For this, the user does not need to set up.

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If in any case, it is not able to set it automatically, then you can also set it manually. After enabling the Filtering option, you can enjoy browsing without add-ons. An Acceptable Ads option has also been given in this.

By enabling this option, you can see some ads. Whether or not to turn it on depends on the user. Many websites and ads are able to take revenue only because of the ad, due to this it can be kept on.


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