Ways to Turn off Camera Permissions on Smartphones – How To


Ways to Turn off Camera Permissions on Smartphones

Ways to Turn off Camera Permissions on Smartphones – How To

Many people can go to unsafe websites while browsing on smartphones. This may sometimes require camera permission. Most users mistakenly leave the camera with permission. Which is a serious threat to the protection of personal information.

Like websites, people can also take pictures while browsing the Google Play Store app. Here too many users may have inadvertently or unintentionally given permission to take pictures. So make sure that the data of the smartphone is safe.

Experts say that if a user inadvertently visits a website or clicks on the ‘Allow’ option while downloading an app, you are invisibly providing your personal location information and your personal information will not be protected in the future. As a result, while browsing the app, your picture will continue to appear secretly. But what is the solution to this problem? Let’s find out-

How to solve through Google Chrome

To prevent data theft through websites or apps while browsing: –

  1. first of all you have to go to Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now click on the three-dot menu at the top right.
  3. At the bottom is ‘Settings’. Tap there to go directly to the new screen.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the site settings. After tapping on it, you will see more options including cookies, location, camera, microphone, motion sensor.
  5. You need to select the ‘Camera’ option. If you click on the button on the right, your Google camera will be blocked.

How to solve through smartphone settings

  1. First open the smartphone settings and keep scrolling.
  2. Select ‘Apps’. However, many phones may include the ‘Privacy and Security’ option.
  3. After clicking on ‘Apps’, select the ‘Permissions’ option. Click ‘Permissions’ again.
  4. Now click on the ‘Camera’ option and in the list that will be shown, see which app has the permission of the camera.
  5. Take permission from those apps.
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