Why Brock Lesnar is declared the “Beast Incarnate”

Brock Lesnar is of a total 6 feets and weighs 266lbs, which makes Brock Lesnar one of the best and strongest wrestlers in the whole WWE Roaster.

Before the time he was a WWE Wrestler, he had won the NCAA Div 1 National Wrestling Championship in 2000 and proved himself as a beast.

After finishing his stint in 2004, he went to the Feature in the NJPW, where he became the winner of The Heavyweight Championship.

Brock Lesnar was very close in continuing a career the the NFLs, as he had participated The Minnesota Training Camp and finished it up by being one of their final cuts.

Apart from wrestling, he also had a record of being a Professional MMA Fighter in the UFC, which approves the fact that he is ‘The Beast Incarnate’.

He was declared the UFCs’ Heavyweight Champion in his Fourth Professional fight by winning Randy Couture after the promotion in 2008. 

Brock Lesnar was highlighted in the event of WWE’s Biggest PPV of the year, “Wrestle Mania”, with a total of 4 time

Brock Lesnar is a WWE Champion, including his last title reign ending at 38 in “Wrestle Mania”

Brock Lesnar is also declared A Three-Time WWE Universal Champion at the age of 44 years.