What is browser extension and how does it work

What is Browser Extension and How does it work

What is a browser extension and How does it work

You may have heard of browser extensions on the Internet. But what is this extension in the browser? How does it work on a computer? How to add an extension to the computer browser? These questions may have arisen in your mind.

Today we are giving you information about browser extensions.

What is a browser extension?

Extensions tell the computer what kind of file it is. If you have different types of files like audio, video, PNG, movie, game, programming files. Then you know what those files do and how they work. But the machine doesn’t know that.

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So we use extensions to tell the machine what kind of file we have and how to run it.

There are different extensions for each file. For example, if there is a photo, extensions called JPEG and PNG have been made. In addition, if there is programming, extensions of the same name are created.

In fact, browser extensions are software features that can be added to make the browser easier to use. These extensions give you extra features and features.

If you want to make your browser advanced. You want to add small software to it. This is called a browser extension.

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It is used only on the Internet. Using it, you can level up your browser experience. Browser extensions are all the little software next to your Windows URL bar.

Any browser you have has its own extensions. To see the browser extensions you have placed in Chrome, first, click the three-dot in the far right corner of your URL bar line.

From there, click More Tools. Now you have to click on the extension in the options seen inside.

You can install any browser extension as you wish. For this, there are three lines near the extension written on the top left. Clicking on it opens a space, at the bottom of which is written Open Chrome Web Store.

After clicking on it, browser extensions will appear in front of you. From there you can install as you wish.

It contains small software, which, once installed, will be added to your browser. Some are free and some are paid extensions.

Why and how to use the browser extension?

You can test the speed of your internet connection by going to the URL bar of the browser and clicking SpeedTest.net to check the speed of your internet connection.

But instead of typing the URL and visiting the website, you can test the speed directly from the browser if you install the extension.

For its extension, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Speed ​​Test. When it arrives, click Add to Chrome.

After that, the extension file is downloaded to your computer and it stays in your Windows. And you have to allow it by clicking the ad extension.

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