What is Dream11 APK and its Features and Rules and Working

What is Dream11 APK

Dream 11 APK – A country with millions of cricket fans, but on-field is rare to be true
Participation. To truly actualize on-field activity, Dream 11 arrived.

Dream 11 is the most successful fantasy game in India. It’s a free fantasy
Virtual application for real-life games, an application that allows you
Virtualize your team and fight against each other in tournaments
Hosted by you. The best part of playing this game is that it allows winning
Awards against other Dream 11 teams and their players. It allowed games
Virtually lovers of their teams!

Now through the game of fantasy, you don’t have to wait for an officer
Matches to be held, you can make your own tournaments and see who will win.

Virtual teams compete based on statistical performance
Real-life players of the game, which gives a more realistic effect and
Players enjoy more.

Dream 11 APK, fantasy game is not only for cricket lovers, but also for it
Football, kabaddi, hockey and basketball. It is the first Indian gaming club
Who has entered the Unicorn Club. It also allows you to win real cash
Winning the real tournament. Enjoyer must be over 18 years of age and
There is a need to verify your profile by PAN card.

Features and rules of Dream 11:

● Dream 11 Mod APK allows you to test your Dream 11 team
Even after the match, the performance and score according to you will get
Your player performance

● It allows you to earn by inviting your friend through your referral link.

● With Dream 11 APK, you can change the team even after the match

● You can get highlights of 11 players even before the match.

● You can also use a huge cash gift.

● You can also create your own fan base, where you can give your team
Progress, followers, and rewards.

● Multiple teams entering a competition can be directly proportional
The extent of the competition.

● As per the recent rule, now a player can enroll with all his 11
Teams in a singles competition with 101+ points eg if the competition size is 1
10 points, then a player can start with 1 team. If 11-100 digits then
A player can start with 6 teams. If there are 101+ points then a player can
Start with 11 teams.

Methodology of Dream11 APK:

Following are the steps through which you can register yourself and get started
Building your team.

1. First of all. You have to download the Dream 11 app, either an Android
App or iOS app on your mobile phone.

2. After installing the app on your phone, open the app, and click on
Register Button.

3. Enter your details like name, email and password. After registering
Details You will see an option invited by a friend at the bottom? ‘ Click
On that button and it will ask you to enter the invite code.

4. After applying the code, you will see the success message. complete
Registration process to achieve 250rs. As a registration bonus.

5. Once you are done with the registration process, immediately 100rs.
Will be added to your wallet. This money will be in virtual form and
You can use it while playing league and after winning league
You convert it into real cash.

6. Now you have to form your team to participate in the game.

7. To build your team, select players from 4 categories
“Wicket-keeper”, “batsman”, “all-rounder”, and “bowler”. You can do this
Check the highlights of the player by clicking the player i ‘button next to it
Players and then select according to your need.

8. After selecting all 11 players on the team, you need to select
Captain and Vice Captain for your team. These two players will be
Your leading players and captain will give you 2x points and

The vice-captain will give you 1.5 times more points.

9. Just before the actual game starts, the platform announced
Lock-in period. In this time you can change team and team

Nomination and real game debuts, with thrill and enjoyment
Fantasy games will begin.

10. Now, join any cash league to win cash prizes through
Dream 11 App.

11. After joining the league, to end live matches and then wait
An email will come from the Dream11 APK app with your winning price.

12. If you earn 200rs, you can withdraw this amount directly.
Your bank account

Repeat steps 6 and 8 to win more cash prizes through 13.
Dream 11 App.

Dream11 APK

Alternative Apps for Fantasy Games:

Many alternative applications for fantasy are also available in the market.
sport. some of them are:

Khelchamps: It is also a fictional cricket platform in India by Khel
group. It is available in easy verification and this email verification
not necessary. The best feature of this application is that it shares
Like a player can include a single wallet for its many game platforms
League cricket using the wallet amount of the Khel play rummy platform.

My11Circle: This fantasy cricket platform in India is created by Play
Games 24×7 This is the newest platform in fantasy games
Less competition and more chances of winning more money.

Myteam11: This is also another platform like fantasy cricket
Dream 11 and it is also becoming famous among the youth. in this
You can also make your own team and join the league to win prices.

Halaplay: It also works like Dream11 APK where you can build yours
You can choose players from the team and real players and you can
Win the league with your team and win. after that,
You can transfer the winnings directly to your bank account.

Last word:

In this age of technology with internet speed, fantasy cricket gives
You have a truly thrilling experience of on-field cricket.

Fantasy cricket, football is becoming popular among every day
Sports lover. Build your team, enjoy playing with real life