What to do to avoid spreading ‘scam’ messages in the name of Amazon’s gift?

What to do to avoid spreading 'scam' messages in the name of Amazon's gift

For the past few months, the ‘scam’ message has been spreading on social media instead of giving gifts on Amazon’s 30th anniversary. Social media users including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber have fallen victim to such scams.

Under this, users will receive a message with a link requesting to be surveyed to get gifts on the 30th anniversary of Amazon. When you open the link of the message, it looks like the official website of Amazon. In fact, the website is not from Amazon and the company has not come up with any such gift plan.

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After opening the message, there are some details related to you (age, group, gender), which the quality of Amazon’s service and the user like you are easily fill up these details from your iPhone or Android.

After giving the answers, you will be shown the picture of the gift box. Click on the box and the gift is displayed. You are then asked to send this type of Q&A to other friends.

They are then asked to download the app and enter their address. And the gift is said to be delivered within 5-7 days. Giving any information or information related to you on such websites is risky for you.

By downloading the mentioned apps, Hackers can access your financial statements or install malware through the link. Hundreds of users are responding that social media accounts are being blocked due to this scam.

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Thus, the number of victims of scam terrorism is increasing day by day worldwide. It is wise to delete the message without clicking as soon as it is received for security reasons.

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