WhatsApp New Feature | How you can Hear WhatsApp voice messages at fast Speeds


WhatsApp New Feature | How you can Hear WhatsApp voice messages at fast speeds

WhatsApp New Feature | How you can Hear WhatsApp voice messages at fast speeds

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp has rolled out the Fast Playback feature for all its users. After more than a month of testing this feature in beta, it has finally been made available to all users. With this new feature, it will be possible to change the playback speed of voice messages at will. As a result, users no longer have to waste time listening to voice notes recorded at normal speeds in the middle of a busy day. Let’s take a look at the functionality of the new fast-playback feature on WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp users can change the speed of voice message up to 2 times:

With the fast-playback feature of this app owned by Facebook, voice messages can be forwarded up to 2 times faster. That is, users can now use this feature to quickly listen to long voice messages. By the way, even if the speed of the message changes, the pitch of the voice notes will remain normal. As a result, despite the high speed, it will not be a problem to understand the message clearly.

This new feature is very easy to use. For this, first, the user has to tap on the voice message and play it. Next, a symbol will appear on the right side of the voice box to increase playback speed. By tapping this symbol, users can increase the speed of their voice messages by 1 time, 1.5 times, and even 2 times (1x, 1.5x, 2x). Again, the feature’s 2x speed option makes it possible to shorten extremely long messages by up to 50%, WhatsApp claims. Although there is an option to increase the playback speed, no reduction option has been given yet. So, this is a shortcoming.

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Incidentally, the fast-playback feature can be used for personal chat windows as well as group chats. And let me inform you, this latest update of the app has been brought for both iOS and Android users.

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