WhatsApp’s new feature for iPhone users, the whole sticker pack can be forwarded

WhatsApp's new feature for iPhone users, the whole sticker pack can be forwarded

WhatsApp’s new feature for iPhone users, the whole sticker pack can be forwarded

Whether in the workplace or at home, WhatsApp has become a constant companion for people around the world, and its popularity continues to grow. The Facebook-owned messaging platform is hugely popular with users for bringing new features. And the advent of the sticker feature in this app has multiplied the joy of chat. Now almost everyone loves to express their attitude through stickers. In particular, the pair of sticker features match the expression perfectly through an animation without writing anything. Although so far there has been no sticker pack for iPhone users. Soon, however, iPhone users will be able to share not just one sticker, but the entire sticker pack.

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According to WhatsApp feature tracker Wabetainfo, the sticker pack forward feature has been rolled out for WhatsApp’s iOS beta users. To verify that you are able to forward official WhatsApp sticker packs to your contacts, open the WhatsApp Sticker Store and select a sticker pack to view its details. If you see a Forward button, it means that the feature is available for your WhatsApp account. The feature will be available in WhatsApp iOS beta version.

iPhone users who have downloaded the latest beta version will see a forward icon next to the sticker pack. By tapping this forward icon, users will be able to select all the chats they want to send sticker packs to. Clicking on the send option, WhatsApp will quickly view and download the sticker pack. However, keep in mind that only WhatsApp sticker packs can be forwarded with this feature. Users will not be able to forward downloaded sticker packs using third-party apps. While the feature is currently available for iOS users, it will soon be rolled out to Android beta testers as well.

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Also, WhatsApp is working on a bunch of other features, some of which are multi-device support, disappearing mode, and view once. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart confirmed in an exclusive interview with Wabetainfo that the above features will be officially rolled out soon.

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