iPhone 11

Apple has announced not to provide adapters and earphones with the iPhone this time. Rival companies like Samsung and Xiaomi are making fun of Apple’s move.

Every time the iPhone is launched, almost every other big smartphone company makes fun of the iPhone in some way. But after that those companies, themselves start copying the iPhone.

Charging adapters will not be available in the box with the iPhone. Xiaomi has released a video about this, stating, ‘Don’t worry we have nothing left out of the box with Mi 10t’

First the fun of the iPhone, then the trend of copying it!

There are many examples of copy-paste. With the iPhone X, Apple first started giving a notch in the display. Even before this Essential phone was given a notch, but it did not come to India.

Since iPhone X, cameras have been copied from the camera module of the iPhone X to the notch. Samsung and Xiaomi are Apple’s Rival Companies in India.

Now almost every smartphone company is giving some kind of notch in more than 90% of their smartphones. Initially, these companies copied the notch of Apple.

Gradually companies started changing the notch of their smartphones and started giving it names like Panchhole Display, Water Drop, Tier Drop, and the notch was shortened.

iPhone 12 has been launched. With the launch of this series, Apple has announced that the company will not provide charging adapters and earphones in the box. The reason behind this is said by Apple to reduce carbon emission.

Will these companies do not remove adapters from the box, following Apple in the future?

Whatever the reason for not getting the charger in the iPhone box, the customers have not liked it. Especially Indian customers are angry with this.

Heartburn is also justified, as iPhones are expensive, and not providing chargers and earphones in the box will force first-time iPhone users to take chargers and earphones at an expensive price.

Samsung and Xiaomi are making fun of not providing charging adapters and earphones with the iPhone. But will these companies continue to provide charging adapters with the phone in the future? I do not think so.

Xiaomi does not already provide earphones in the box, and following the trend of the iPhone, in the coming times, companies including Xiaomi and Samsung can also remove adapters from the box for cost-cutting.

Apple has also copied a lot of Android. Recently launched widget feature or change in the first control center. Many software-based features are taken from Android.

I think if companies highlight each other’s shortcomings, make fun too. But this is true until they start copying themselves in the coming time.