Why the last one percent battery lasts so long on the Phone

Phone Battery

The last one percent of the battery lasts a long time as the phone runs out of battery. We have all considered this. But we all wonder why this happens.

Some argue that this is due to the confusion that arises in our minds when the battery runs out.

But today we will tell you the real objective technical reason. In fact, the phone we use never knows how much charge is left in the battery.

There is no such thing as analyzing the chemical reaction inside the battery and reporting the result to the phone.

All battery-powered devices, including phones, are estimated to charge based on what they see in the battery terminal over time.

For example, once the battery is fully charged, the tally inside the phone is how much charge the phone has used. Then a figure is drawn by subtracting the battery from the overall phone’s battery capacity.

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The latest battery capacity figure is always determined based on the previous usage. Therefore, the reason why the last one percent of the battery lasts longer is that the phone underestimates the condition of the initial battery usage.

That is, when the phone cannot accurately calculate the battery capacity used before the last one percent, then the last battery lasts a long time.

This means that when the phone drains the battery and falls to one percent, we think that the battery of the phone is exhausted, but this is wrong. The argument that the phone actually estimates the remaining one percent of the charge is wrong.

The algorithm developers of the phone want to provide the user with a bonus by adding a battery capacity by misjudging the battery capacity instead of draining the battery unexpectedly by overestimating the battery capacity.

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The algorithm used to estimate battery usage and current capacity is very complex and varies from phone model to battery manufacturer. As a result, the last one percent of all phone batteries may not last long.

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