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Windows and Linux users beware! LemonDuck malware is entering the device unknowingly

Windows and Linux users beware! LemonDuck malware is entering the device unknowingly

Crypto mining malware LemonDuck came up in the headlines again. The activity of this malware, which is harmful to business and personal computer devices, first came to light a few years ago. Since then, computer security experts have been able to identify various features of malware. Although the discussion on LemonDuck has slowed down, its activity has recently caught everyone’s attention. As a result, the employees of various cyber security agencies have to move around once again.

LemonDuck malware is targeting Windows and Linux users

LemonDuck malware mainly targets Windows and Linux devices. It enters the user’s device holding the hand of an old and neglected security vulnerability of the device. Once a device is infected by this, the result is fatal! It compromises the security of the device and steals important and confidential information related to the person or organization. In this way, this malware completely exposes the security system of our device in the face of various harmful cyber elements.

Entering the device completely unknowingly, the above malware can bring danger to us. At first it enters some malicious code into the computer. Thousands of ways to attack a device at the fingertips of malware. It even fools people by using the formulas of various recent events. For example, it has caused a lot of misery by sending fake e-mails about Kovid-19. This malware easily takes control of the user’s device by taking refuge in any unsolvable old problem of the device.

India is at the top of the list of countries affected by LemonDuck malware. Along with India, it has also chosen China as its target. Also countries like the United States, Russia, Germany and Great Britain are facing attacks from LemonDuck today. However, in the days leading up to the rise of malware, researchers are working to build a stronger cyber security system free of clutter.

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