With this feature of the iPhone, you can identify the music playing nearby, thus enable it



Many times it happens that somewhere a music or a song is going on and you do not understand which song it is. It is possible to find out, you must have used the Shazam app. If you are a Google Pixel user, then this inbuilt feature is also available in pixels.

Even if you are an iPhone user, you can find out which song or music is playing around without any third-party app. Since Shazam was bought by Apple in 2018 itself. So this feature now works without any app on the iPhone.

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It is worth noting that this feature of music detection has been provided by Apple with the iOS 14.2 update which came a few months ago. That is if you have any iPhone model and you have updated it to iOS 14.2 then this feature is available on your phone.

Using this feature is very easy. First of all, you have to go to the settings of your iPhone and open the Control Center. Now here you will get a list. There will be two types of controls in it – the first one which is present in your control center and the second option which you can add to the control center.

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Scrolling down you will find Music Recognition written with the logo of Shazam. This feature has now been added to your control center as soon as you tap the + sign here. But it also has to be used.

Now if you have some music going on anywhere, then go to your iPhone’s control center and tap on the Shazam icon. This feature will become active on tap. Within just a few seconds you will know which song is playing and it will redirect to Apple Music.