Without YouTube Premium, you can play videos on the phone like this in the background.

YouTube Premium

Without YouTube Premium, you can play videos on the phone like this in the background.

The online video platform YouTube is quite popular. There are many features on YouTube. You have to take YouTube Premium to use many features. YouTube Premium Mobile App also has the feature of playing videos in the background. You can also use this feature without a premium membership.

Playing YouTube videos in the background can be very useful when you just want to listen to a song or video. This can also be useful at a time when you do not want to stop a live stream, but it is necessary to open another app.

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To play the video in the background, you have to take a YouTube Premium subscription, but there is also a way that you can use it for free. You do not need a YouTube Premium subscription. For this, here you are telling the whole process.

To play YouTube videos in the background on Android phones, you must first open the Google Chrome app. Open youtube.com on Google Chrome. Once the page is open, click on the Chrome three-dot menu and select Desktop Site.

After this, youtube.com will open on Google Chrome in desktop view. Now select any video and open it, it will start playing the video automatically. Now come back by clicking on the Home button. After this, slide the notification shade downwards. Here the media control will appear for the video you just played on Chrome. Here, just click on the play button and play it.

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Your video will start playing in the background. Apple users can open youtube.com on Safari for this. After the page is loaded, request for the desktop site here. Then play a video. On coming home, you can play the video from the control center and play it in the background.

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