You Can Book Covid Vaccine Slots by Phone, Not by App, Find out

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You can book Covid Vaccine Slots by phone, not by app, find out

There is nothing new to say about the state of affairs in the country due to the recent outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Pictures of disasters all over the country have become daily news companions. The news of millions of people being infected every day as well as the death of thousands of people has shocked every person in the country. As a result, our people are dying to get vaccinated against this deadly virus. But due to an insufficient amount of vaccines, many people are not getting registration slots, and even after getting slots, someone has to hear that the vaccine is over. As the entire vaccination process in India is now being done online i.e. digitally, it is becoming too late for multiple rural and non-tech savvy Indians to book their vaccination slots as they have difficulty accessing online. This time the government took an effective step to solving this problem.

The Government of India has launched a helpline number through which anyone can easily book the Covid vaccine slot. RS Sharma, head of the National Health Authority (NHA), said anyone can now book the covid vaccine slot by calling the helpline number 1085. Sharma added that the service would be of particular benefit to those living in rural areas.

If you are within the age limit approved by the government for vaccination, you can book a slot for the corona vaccine using the 1065 helpline number. The head of the NHA noted that half of the country’s people over the age of 45 have already registered for the vaccine, making it easy to understand that the vaccination process in the country is moving very fast. However, the shortage of vaccines is causing some problems for 18-44-year-olds.

Sharma further mentioned that whether VVIP or ordinary citizen, everyone has the same information about vaccination. Giving confidence to the common man, he said that in this miserable situation, no one is being given any priority in the present administrative system.

In this context, in addition to the Cowin website and helpline number, one can also book their slots from the Aarogya Setu app. Sharma said the government also wants third-party app developers to integrate the Cowin API on their own platform to allow people to book slots directly for vaccination. “We have long since published APIs for third-party applications so that state governments can use them to create vaccination apps,” he said.

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