YouTube Content Creator? YouTube has come up with a new income method for you, named Super Thanks, Learn here How is this feature


YouTube has come up with a new income method for you, named Super Thanks

YouTube Content Creator? YouTube has come up with a new income method for you, named Super Thanks, Learn here How is this feature

YouTube has now become a part of our lives. We use YouTube all the time and the number of YouTube creators is increasing day by day. And in line with that, YouTube is introducing one earning method after another on their platform. Good news for you if you are a YouTuber. Because recently YouTube came up with another new earning method. Which is called Super Thanks (Super Thanks).

So far we have seen the options like Super Followers, Super Chat, Channel Membership or Super Stickers. With the help of which YouTube creators could earn. And this time with the help of this new earning method, YouTube creators will have the advantage to earn more.
What is this Super Thanks?

With the help of a new feature called Super Thanks, subscribers of a particular YouTuber will be able to support him. There are still four priced Super Thanks available. It costs $ 2. Which is like 149 rupees in Indian currency. It comes with 50 $ which is about Rs 3,725 in Indian currency.

Your followers will be able to view an animated GIF when they purchase Super Thanks. Then they can comment on your video to save that GIF. They can even make colorful and unique comments. Undoubtedly, this comment will catch everyone’s eye.

YouTube creators can easily reply to that comment. As a result, everyone benefits. YouTube creators can easily increase the interaction with their followers. Followers will also be able to connect with their favorite creators with this new feature. Undoubtedly, this new facility will increase the earning of YouTubers.


But now this super thanks feature of YouTube has been made available among the beta testers of YouTube desktop, Android and iOS mobile applications. This feature is already available in 68 countries. That includes India. However, this feature has not been officially rolled out in Bangladesh yet. It is thought that this feature will be rolled out to all locations soon.

If you are a YouTube content creator then how do you check if you got the super thanks feature? You must know it once.

How to check if you have got Super Thanks feature?

First, sign in to your YouTube Creator Studio. Then go to the menu on the left and see the Monetization (Monetization) option. In the meantime, go to the Super tab.


If you use the Super Thanks feature for the first time, you will need to follow the onscreen instructions. Then you will be ready to use this feature in your channel. Then at the end of it all if you get access to it then you will see the option to turn this feature on and off very easily.

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