YouTube Shorts has been spread all over the world

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After the huge success in India, this time YouTube Shorts is being spread all over the world

YouTube Shorts was first launched in India last year. The TickTock competitor was later launched in 26 more countries around the world. And now YouTube has started rolling out Google’s TikTok competitor YouTube shorts for the whole world.

After the ban on TikTok in India, YouTube shorts with the same feature as tick tack were launched in this country. After that YouTube Shorts started being popular day by day. TickTock users are also shifting quickly to this YouTube shorts platform. And enjoy the same features as TikTok. Even the platform of YouTube Shorts was only brought so that people can earn money from it.

After YouTube Shorts became popular, the whole world started using it. A report has been published by The Verge. Where we know that YouTube shorts will be delivered to more than 100 countries around the world where YouTube applications are available. And the work has already been started by Google.

By the way, YouTube Shorts is a platform where we can create and post short videos. Those videos are only 60 seconds long. You can use YouTube shorts on both Android and iOS platforms.

Undoubtedly, its popularity is growing. It is expected that the popularity of this application will skyrocket once it reaches the courts all over the world. Meanwhile, TickTock is also trying to compete with platforms like YouTube. And that’s why they’re bringing long video format to their platform. So a collision between these two platforms is inevitable. Let’s see who can survive this collision.


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