YouTube testing the new feature of time stamped in the comments section

YouTube brings new feature
Image credit by “youtube”

YouTube is testing a new method to make the comment section better. The company is testing a feature that allows you to post comment links within a specified time.

YouTube has provided information on its support page about this feature which looks like a comment from Sound Cloud.

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‘We are currently testing a new feature that will allow you to view comments posted while watching a video. This feature is currently available to a small group of users.

We will roll out this feature to others based on feedback. If you also want to be a part of this experience, go to the comment section of iOS and Android versions and click on the shirt button and select ‘Timed Beta’. ‘

This type of comment is called a time stamped comment. However, this feature is currently only available to a limited number of users in the beta version, so not everyone will be able to see it on all devices.

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