Big News About PUBG Mobile India launch, may launch on this day

Big News About PUBG Mobile India launch, may launch on this day

PUBG Mobile
Image Credit by “Hindustan Times”

PUBG Mobile’s return to India still remains a mystery. The company announced PUBG Mobile India in November last year. Despite all this, there is no confirmation on whether PUBG Mobile will be launched in India or not. Now according to the news that is coming out, PUBG Mobile is going to make a comeback in India soon.

PUBG Mobile player Aaditya ‘Dynamo’ Sawant has teased the release of PUBG Mobile India. He told in his latest YouTube live stream that the game trailer will come on a double digit date. While the game will be launched on a single digit date in India.

This clip has also been shared by the Instagram page esports.91. This information is still not complete. The month of the trailer or release date of the game is not clear in this. This information has not been revealed yet in which month this game will be released.

Recently, a lot of news has been revealed about the launch of the game. Nothing is officially said about the game. We also consider this unofficial.

Aaditya ‘Dynamo’ Sawant has not said anything about the final date of the game. Because of this, we can assume that PUBG Mobile India can be launched in India in June. If the trailer arrives this month i.e. April, then we can assume that the game can be released in May.

If the trailer arrives in May then the game may be released in June. Let us tell you that Aaditya was also seen in the official teaser of the game. The game was banned in India last year. Since then, the company has been constantly monitoring the launch of India. The special version of the game was announced while watching India.

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