Netflix is ​​testing new features for Android users, know about it


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Netflix has started testing a feature for Android devices. The OTT platform is preparing to add a sleep timer button. Users will be able to set it for TV shows and movies on Netflix.

Global testing of this new feature is being done by Netflix for Android users. This information was given by quoting The Verge. According to the feedback from users, this feature will also be extended to TV, desktop, and iOS by Netflix. Also, it has been confined to an Adult Profile. That is, this feature will not be available in kids’ profiles yet.

To select the users, there will be a four-timer option – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and till the end of any TV show or movie. Netflix will stop after reaching the selected duration.

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The new Netflix timer button is located in the top right corner of the screen. Boy default it will remain closed and users will be able to select any one of the four options. Netflix will also tell the time of ending a TV show or movie with every option.

The timer tool will be very useful in those situations when there is a possibility that we can sleep while watching TV shows or movies. At present, there is no information about when this feature will reach all the users. Testing of some features is done continuously by the streaming service, but sometimes some features are not even released.

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