Now you can purchase up to 4TB of iCloud storage with Apple One plans


4TB of iCloud storage

Apple One subscribers will be able to purchase cloud-based storage space beyond what is included in their plan, meaning customers will get 4TB of iCloud storage for the first time.

Previously, the largest iCloud storage plan offered by Apple was 2TB. With the release of the Apple One on Friday, customers will be able to purchase more iCloud storage space than the amount included in the Apple One plan.

As mentioned in Apple’s new iCloud configuration text, “In addition to your 2TB Apple One plan, you can also purchase iCloud storage.” This means that the Apple One Premier subscriber can hold up to 4TB of total iCloud storage.

Apple maintains its standard prices for this additional iCloud storage space. That means paying for the extra 2TB of space will cost customers 99.99. With the Apple One Premier plan, it is priced at Rs. 39.94. This can be great for users who want to increase cloud storage space, making it a useful option for those who have subscribed to the Apple One Family or Personal Plans.

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