3 Hidden Tricks about Chrome tweaks: how to customize my Google Chrome browser


how to customize my Google Chrome browser

Using Google Chrome on your PC and phone? Tried to sync your data? Here are three ways: how to customize my Google Chrome browser

Google’s Chrome browser is very popular among smartphone and PC users. Over time, Google Chrome has improved with various new features. The ability to personalize the experience based on your preferences is one of the best things about Chrome.

How to customize my Google Chrome browser

Turns sync on and off in Chrome

Google users can easily create a profile in the Chrome browser. First, you have to sign in your Google Account. It allows you to sync your information such as bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings. To change sync, you need to:

In your Chrome for Android browser app, tap on the three-dot menu. Then go to settings. Here, sign in with your Chrome. Press Continue, and then OK. You can follow a similar procedure on your Chrome PC.

If you use a public computer, we recommend not signing in with your Google Account and using it as a guest mode.

Personalize your home page

When you start Chrome on your PC you see the start page. When you press the home button you see the home page.

Launch the Chrome browser on your computer. In the upper right corner, you will see a three-dot menu. Here, go to settings. Select “Form” and turn on the Home Show button. From this button, you can select a new tab page or a custom page.

Bookmarks, passwords, and more

As mentioned earlier, Sync allows you to import bookmarks, passwords, and other information across all your devices. Google gives you the option to select the information you want to sync.

To personalize sync, open the Chrome browser. Click on the three-dot menu to enter the settings. Under the “You too Google” option, click on Sync and Google services. Here, you can check all the synced information. Under the Sync button, you can select Sync. If you do not want to sync, you can turn off “Sync”.

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