Android 12: All the Information Available So Far That You Need to Know

Android 12

Android 12: All the Information Available So Far That You Need to Know

Google releases one main software update every year to the operating system of its Android mobile. The next Android version- the most probable name of which will be Android 12 is launching likely as a developer preview in coming weeks. The official release will happen around August this year.

The New Features You Will See in Android 12  

Here come the following confirmations, leaks or rumours till date…

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  • New Design

The new Android version could introduce new design meant for notifications and widgets. Rounder bubbles to modernize the look and tightened privacy by use of icons to alert a user when apps use a microphone or camera, are what you might see.

  • Safe, Easier Access to Other Application Stores

Google said this last autumn in a blog post. There was no elaboration but you could assume your device helping you access apps quickly in the third-party stores with safety protections.

  • Rolling Screenshot and One-handed Mode

Rumours are around that Android 12 might come up with several familiar features and accompanied by one-handed mode and rolling screenshot- both of which are common with Samsung phones. If you are a Pixel owner you might get the function of face-based rotation of screen for keeping the screen pointed in the right direction, as rumours suggest.

  • Restricted Mode of Networking

As per XDA Developers, there will be an entirely new Restricted Mode of Networking which when enabled will allow applications having a connectivity-usage-restricted-network permission for accessing the network. Your phone’s other apps without this permission can’t receive or send data. However, it is not yet clear how Google would implement this Mode.    

  • Direct OS Updates through Google Play Store

XDA Developers have noticed that Google is planning to put in Android Runtime or ART as Android 12’s Mainline module so that it can push more updates of the operating system from Play Store, instead of sending them on to air.  

  • App Pairs-Split Screen Experience

9to5Google said that for Android 12 Google is continuing to work on a much improved version know as App Pairs. At present split screen pins 1 application but App Pairs of Android 12 would group 2 applications together as 1 task so that you can conveniently choose 2 apps you opened recently to become one single pair. There is a divider also for letting you adjust the screen space used by one app.

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  • Double-tap Gesture for Pixel Phones

Android 12 based Pixel phones might have this facility from Google. By default, on giving a double-tap quickly at your phone’s back, the double-tap gesture could turn on Google Assistant. But you could configure it for a number of other actions like opening recent applications view and notification shade, resume or pause media playback and taking a screenshot.

  • Hibernating Unused Apps for Freeing Up Space

As discovered by XDA Developers, there might be a feature in Android 12 capable of hibernating open applications not in use currently and lessening their power intensity and freeing space as well. In the process, there could be the optimization of these apps for storage.   

 Android 12 is yet to breaking cover still whatever we have come to know about it so far we might keep hope that Google won’t disappoint us with its new Operating System.

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