Google Duo released screen sharing for face to face calls

Google Screen Duo has officially launched screen sharing for video calls, so you do not have to shoot another app or choose another service if you want to show your phone what’s on the line. Tech giant screen sharing was announced in a post highlighting the six latest features of Android. Google reported the arrival of the Android Police feature in September following a tweet: “Share more moments with your friends on the Google Duo. You can now use screen sharing to browse photos and videos together and plan activities while on video call. ”

The company quickly deleted that tweet, but deleted the first iteration and began releasing it for Android devices by the end of September, a few years later. Sharing screen is very easy by selecting screen sharing by pressing the overflow button in the drop-down menu in the middle of the call. If you share, you will see a warning about the disclosure of sensitive information on your show. When you start sharing you will not see anyone else on the screen, the icon in your status bar or the “Continue screen sharing” notification indicating that you are still on call and the feature is active “Based on our tests, this feature may not be available on all devices yet, but it may be available for more Android phones in the future.

In addition, Google announced that the phone app is now compatible with more devices. The app, which is Pixel exclusive, was launched earlier this year to reach more Android brands and models. It is now available on most devices running Android 9 or higher and most people can benefit from its anti-spam features, including the ability to let businesses know what you are calling before you answer.