Be careful! Don’t forget to download this fake CoWin app in a hurry, from the warning of Government.

Cowin app

Be careful! Don’t forget to download this fake CoWin app in a hurry, from the warning of the Government.

Corona is the land of the tsunami. Corona’s graph is fluctuating. Sometimes a little relief then discomforts in the next moment. Lack of hospital beds, lack of oxygen – the countrymen suffering from various problems Crisis is also appearing in vaccines. This time there is a possibility of being cheated even if the vaccine is taken. Such a warning came from the Government.

The Ministry of Health has announced certain rules for vaccination. Saf informed that from May 1, there will be a specific slot for vaccination, which must be booked in advance. Only then will the vaccine match, if someone books a slot and goes to the vaccine center, he will not be given service. And many people are having difficulty getting this slot. And the fraudsters are taking advantage of that opportunity. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued an early warning against these scams.

CERT-In warns citizens about vaccine registration on the CoWin app. Hackers have launched fake CoWin apps to lure citizens into their fraudulent traps. The CERT-in reported that the SMS message contained a link that installs fraudulent applications on Android-based devices. These bogus apps also gain unnecessary permissions from customers’ work when installed, allowing attackers to steal important user data such as contact lists.

SMS asks customers to download and install any one of the 5 apps. Apps also recommend downloading as an APK file. So that hackers can easily inject malware into their smartphones. And personal information can be hacked effortlessly. Find out what those 5 apps are …

>> Covid-19.apk

>> Vaci__Regis.apk

>> MyVaccin_v2.apk

>> Cov-Regis.apk

>> Vccin-Apply.apk

Currently, the official portal from which anyone can book a slot for Corona Vaccine is the CoWin app or website, which requires access to Customers can also use the Arogya Bridge app if they want.

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