How to Clean Your iPhone Speaker
Did you know that one of the dirtiest things that you hold in your hands could be your iPhone? In fact, it could be dirtier than a toilet seat! Imagine the amount of dust and bacteria that settle on your iPhone all through the day. And similarly, some amount of dust is also entering the speaker grill. So, let us learn how to clean your iPhone speaker for its optimum performance.
Different types of dust particles are very likely to enter and clog up the speaker of your iPhone over time. This will undoubtedly affect the quality of its sound output. Even if the difference is not so noticeable, it is a good idea to clean your speakers from time to time. The grill of the iPhone speakers is too tiny and can easily trap particles inside it. But if you keep cleaning it periodically, the speakers will stay in good shape. Read on to learn the various ways of how to clean your iPhone speaker.
But keep in mind that you cannot use any kind of liquid like water or a cleaning solution to clean your iPhone speaker. If your iPhone is not water-resistant, that could damage it.
Also, remember that sometimes you can have a software issue too that affects your audio quality. In such cases, cleaning your speaker will not help. You will have to reboot your iPhone or follow other troubleshooting instructions to resolve a software problem.

Here are the best 3 ways of how to clean your iPhone speaker:

1. Using a soft brush

how to clean your iPhone speaker using soft brush

Take a small brush with soft bristles. If you have a small paintbrush, trim the bristles evenly for easier cleaning experience. Use the brush to clean the speaker gently in swift upward motions. In short motions down to up move along the length of the speaker. Do not run the brush in a straight line along the entire length of the speaker.

2. Using a toothpick

how to clean your iPhone speaker using toothpick

Use a wooden or a plastic toothpick to clean your iPhone speaker. Insert it gently into the speaker hole where dust particles get lodged and tilt it slightly to push the dirt out. Do not push the toothpick inside the phone as you will then damage your device. Gently apply pressure sideways to pick out the dirt from the grill.

3. Using a masking tape

how to clean your iPhone speaker using masking tape


Among tapes, the best option is to use a painter’s tape for cleaning your iPhone speakers. Also known as masking tape, put it gently on top of the speaker to remove dirt from it. Cut the tape into tiny bits for this purpose for maximum efficacy. Roll them and make a pointed edge that you can use to clean the grill of the speaker.
These are the best methods of how to clean your iPhone speaker. The speaker of your iPhone is an important hardware component and you should keep it clean to enjoy its full functionality. However, if there is a serious problem with any hardware or software component, it is always advised to visit your nearest Apple Store or contact AppleCare.