Demon’s Souls Remake as like the PS5 Compares to PS3 Originals

Demon's Souls Remake as like the PS5

A new video from Digital Foundry has really analyzed what graphical upgrades we can expect by comparing clips by drawing for PS5 from the demon remake of Bluepoint Games for the PS5 [Demon’s Souls Remake as like the PS5].

While there is no genius to see the graphical improvement first surfaced by Sony in its PS5 showcase remake, the video also shows the increased console power being used to replace and update the detailing.

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The sparse corridors to the east have been transformed into halls overgrown with ivy and weeds, where the sparse architecture of the original game has been upgraded to a much larger, gothic style.

Demon spirits may mourn a move away from pure origins, soldier tones towards a brighter beauty that uses a wider, more realistic range of colors – but overall the remake seems a beautiful re-imagining of the source materials.

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In some cases, the increased graphical capability has been used to improve digital storytelling – for example in the tutorial level in the leadup to the Battle of Vanguard, the direction the castle’s player goes is one of Peril’s, Pointing to debris in recent conflicts that have flames and piles of flames.

The facade has also been replaced, with the newer, more elaborate model sporting broken metal cuffs on its arms where it can once be fastened in chains.

Bluepoint proved to be more than its remake chops with Shadow of the Colossus Remaster in 2018, and the Demon’s Soul remake is looking to pass on that legacy thanks to the PS5’s hardware-enhanced capability.

Neither Demon’s Souls is a remake nor PS5 currently has a release date, though the latter is expected to drop by the end of this year.