Download YouTube Video Within 60 Seconds, Know The Amazing Trick

How To Download YouTube Video Within 60 Seconds

How To Download YouTube Video Within 60 Seconds, Know This Amazing Trick

Be it any song or video or even movie, YouTube is everyone’s go-to platform. People have been using YouTube for many years and even today YouTube is equally popular. Although everything is available on YouTube and it is also a simple platform to use, but one thing that bothers its users a bit is downloading videos from YouTube. If you download videos on YouTube, then it stays in a folder of YouTube itself. Let us know how you can download these videos and watch them in the gallery on your phone.

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How to download videos on youtube?

It is very easy to download videos on YouTube. When you open a video on YouTube, the fourth option below its title and description is Download, whose icon is an arrow pointing down. As soon as you click on it, your video will start downloading. You can watch these videos anytime without the internet by going to the Downloads folder of YouTube. Remember that you can do all this on YouTube’s app and not on YouTube’s web version.

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