Drops New Shopping Feature of Instagram, will be able to buy new products

Drops New Shopping Feature of Instagram

Instagram is adding a new shopping feature on its platform. The company has named it Drops. Brands will be able to promote their latest launch products with drops. Brands can also tease their upcoming products on Instagram drops.

The Drop term streetwear is quite popular in the fashion scene where the products are released in limited quantity. This feature of Instagram will work on this market technique. According to the report, the Drop will be available on Instagram in the shopping section for only US countries.

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It has been said about the feature will be exclusive and limited products and it is going to be brought on Instagram this month. With this feature, users will be able to see the latest launch and buy it. Instagram will also provide reminders for upcoming products. With this, users can also sign-up for that product.

In the screenshots that have been shared about this, popular brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Adidas, and Sephora can be seen teasing the newly launched products and upcoming products. An option has also been given to set reminders about the products which have not been released.

It was first launched by Instagram in 2019 as a reminder feature. It has been said in the report that this feature will also work for drops. In this, brands of different categories like fashion, beauty, and streetwear products are using reminders.

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With the Instagram drops feature, customers can easily find the latest and upcoming products in one place. This feature is currently available for Android and iOS users in the US.

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